Inform Podiatry Fees (Private Health Insurance)


F004 New patient comprehensive consult - includes history, assessment, diagnosis and initial treatment (up to 45 min) $115.00 

F012 Current patient intermediate consult (up to 30 min) $75.00

F010 Current patient brief consult (up to 15 min) $50.00

F014 Current patient long consult (up to 45 min) $115.00

Approved Concession Card Holders:

If a concession check reports an eligible concession then a 5% discount applies to consultations. 

Prefab or Custom Orthoses:

Minimum $80.00 to maximum $565.00 (cost breakdown)

Medicare Rebatable Consultations:

Medicare consults are private billed not bulk billed. You pay the consultation fee, we process your rebate* ($55.10) at the time of your payment which is paid into the bank account you nominated with Medicare. A Medicare consult can only be used if you have a GP Medicare referral. The same rebate* applies to all Medicare consults ($55.10).

* with an eligible referral and remaining allowable benefits for that service.

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