Sandals and Orthoses

Updated: April 2021


When you need your custom orthoses but they don't fit in your sandals. More footwear companies are making sandals with removeable foot beds.  Inform Podiatry supplies custom orthoses which replace the removeable foot bed. 

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What is a removeable foot bed?

  • A removable foot bed is when the inner of the sandal under your foot can be removed from the shoe.

  • In a sandal the removeable foot bed is usually thicker than the removable insole in an enclosed shoe.

  • Custom orthoses made for your enclosed footwear are usually too thick to sit in a sandal without a removable foot bed and too thin to replace a removable foot bed.

Do I need a new scan of my feet?

  • If you have an existing pair of custom orthoses from Inform Podiatry then our orthoses lab already has a digital copy of your foot.  

  • If your foot shape hasn't changed and there are no issues with your current custom orthoses (assessed during your consult) then we make a new pair off your existing 3D foot scan at a reduced cost.

  • If you don't have an existing pair of custom orthoses from Inform Podiatry then a new biomechanical assessment and 3D foot scan will be required.

Do I need my sandals at the consult before my orthoses are made?

  • Yes, because the shape and depth of the removeable foot bed may vary between brands.

  • Having your sandals at the consult allows Inform Podiatry to check the depth and shape.

  • We prefer to hold the sandals until your dispense appointment to fine tune the custom orthoses fit in the sandal before you try them on.

How long from assessment to fitting of new custom orthoses for my sandals?

  • 5 to 7 business days

Will my health fund cover the cost of the orthoses?

  • Inform Podiatry provides quotes for your custom orthoses including the item codes and descriptions for your health fund.

  • Please check with your fund for eligibility and rebates.

Which footwear companies are making removable foot bed sandals?


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