What does a Podiatrist do?

A Podiatrist is a registered health practitioner.  At Inform Podiatry we assess and manage a wide range of foot and ankle problems in people of any age (children, teenagers, adults and seniors).


Management involves Inform Podiatry providing your care or referral or coordination of your care with other health professionals.   

Inform Podiatry can refer you for any foot or ankle Medicare funded x-rays and ultrasounds and non Medicare funded MRI's, the same as your General Practitioner (GP).

Common foot and ankle problems presenting to Inform Podiatry include: heel pain, flat feet in children and adults, Achilles tendon problems, ankle injuries, nail problems, warts, corns, callus, foot assessments and foot management for people with diabetes, ingrown toenail surgery, footwear advice and custom and prefab orthoses (shoe inserts) for foot or ankle pain.

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