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Stretch and Exercise Videos in SD

Updated: February 2017

Key Points:

  • View these videos in high definition if you have a large data limit or download speed.

  • These videos are to be used with your custom stretch and exercise program prescribed by Inform Podiatry.

Abductor Hallucis Exercise

Achilles Tendinopathy Exercise


(Foot Balance, Heel Toe Rock and Side to Side Rock

Balance Disc $50.00)

Calf Stretch

Extensor Toe Exercise

(Use rectangle shaped weight)

Extensor Foot Exercise

(Use rectangle shaped weight)

Flexed Knee Exercise

Hamstring Stretch Laying

Hamstring Stretch Standing

Heel Raise

(Progress from both feet to one foot)

Peroneal Exercises

(Exercise band $5.00)

Picking up Marbles

(10 marbles and cup $5.00)

Disclaimer: This sheet was researched and developed by Inform Podiatry to provide general information. Inform Podiatry encourages everyone to receive an individual assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan for their foot or ankle pain.

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