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Wearing in your Foot Orthoses

Updated: October 2018

Your custom foot orthoses are designed to change the function of your feet and usually require a wearing in period.

General Advice:

  • If you experience pain wearing your orthoses, stop wearing them and contact Inform Podiatry.

  • If you are standing or walking all day then initially wear your orthoses for 2-4 hours and increase by 2-4 hours per day if the orthoses are comfortable to wear.

  • Minor discomfort may occur in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or lower back while wearing in your orthoses due to changes in your joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles.

  • Continue with any stretches or exercises you have been given. These are just as important as wearing your orthoses.

  • You may initially feel pressure under your feet but the feeling should settle during the wear in period.

  • Your feet or orthoses may change with time. We recommend a review at least every 12 months for adults and 6 months for children as their feet are still growing. You'll receive an sms and or email reminder to book your review appointment.

  • Orthoses fit and function best in flat, lace-up footwear with a deep and firm heel counter.

  • Take your orthoses with you when buying new shoes to wear the orthoses in. If the shoe has a removable inner remove and replace with your orthoses.

For Sporting Activities:

  • Once you can wear your orthoses for most of the day, then begin wearing them for your sporting activities.

  • Where possible reduce the length of your sporting activity by at least 50% and increase to your full sporting activity over 2-3 sessions.

  • For example, if you normal run 10km, run 5km initially, then 6.5km, then 8km and then back to 10km.

Caring for your Orthoses:

  • Your orthoses may be cleaned with cold soapy water and rinsed in cold clean water.

  • Dry with a cloth and allow them to completely dry in a cool place out of the sun.

  • If they squeak in your shoes, add a little talcum powder.

  • If your devices are showing signs of wear, covers can be replaced for a small charge.

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Which treatment is best for me? Researchers test different treatment options to see how successful they are. These tests are called randomised controlled trials (RCT). Researchers also group together similar randomised controlled trials to compare the grouped test results. These grouped test results are called systematic reviews (SR). The results from RCTs and SRs are published in peer reviewed medical journals. Inform Podiatry uses these published results and our clinical experience to provide you with up to date, evidence based, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Disclaimer: This sheet was researched and developed by Inform Podiatry to provide general information. Inform Podiatry encourages everyone to receive an individual assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan for their foot or ankle pain.

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