Custom Orthoses (1st pair):

F118 Biomechanical assessment - including muscle strength, joint range of movement and video gait (walking) analysis $70.00

F301 Negative model of one foot - 3D digital scan $30.00 x 2 (left and right)

F221 Custom made functional orthosis (single) - made from a 3D digital scan with reference to the biomechanical assessment to improve foot and/or lower leg function $160.00 x 2 (left and right)

F010 Established patient brief service (orthoses fitting) $40.00

Orthoses review (2 weeks after dispense) $0.00

Total cost: $490.00 (less with private health insurance rebate)

Total cost includes:

  1. Any orthoses reviews or adjustments required in the first 2 months

  2. One year warranty on orthoses covers

  3. Four year warranty on orthoses shell and post

Additional treatment unrelated to the custom orthoses during the assessment, fitting or review consultations may incur an additional charge. 

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