New Orthoses Wear In Guide

Updated: April 2021


Orthoses are prescribed to improve foot and leg function. Following a few simple tips will maximise your comfort, shoe fit and lifespan for a new pair of orthoses. Remember if your symptoms increase, remove orthoses and contact Inform Podiatry ASAP.

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General advice:

  • If you are standing or walking all day then initially wear your orthoses for 2-4 hours and increase by 2-4 hours per day if the orthoses are comfortable to wear.  

  • Minor discomfort may occur in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or lower back during the orthoses wearing in period due to changes in your joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles from the orthoses.  

  • Continue with any stretches or exercises you have been given. These are just as important as wearing your orthoses.  

  • You may initially feel pressure under your feet but the feeling should settle during the wear in period.  

  • Your feet or orthoses may change with time. We recommend a review at least every 12 months for adults and 6 months for children as their feet are still growing. You'll receive an sms and/or email reminder to book a review appointment.  

  • Take your orthoses with you when buying new shoes to wear the orthoses in. If the shoe has a removable inner remove and replace with your orthoses. 

For sporting activities:

  • Once you can wear your orthoses for most of the day, then begin wearing them for your sporting activities.  

  • Where possible reduce the length of your sporting activity by 50% to 75% and increase to your full sporting activity over 2 to 3 sessions.  

  • For example, if you normally walk for 30 min, walk for 10 min on the first day with your new orthoses, 20 min for the second walk and back to 30 min for your third walk.

Orthoses care instructions:

  • Orthoses may be cleaned with cold soapy water and rinsed in cold clean water.  

  • Dry with a cloth and allow them to completely dry in a cool place out of the sun.  

  • If the orthoses squeak in your shoes, add a little talcum powder or rub a bar of soap around the edge of the orthosis shell.  

  • If your orthoses are showing signs of wear, covers can be replaced for a small charge.


Inform Podiatry provides these webpages for general advice.  Please book an appointment at Inform Podiatry for individual assessment and treatment of your foot or lower leg condition.

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New Orthoses Wear In Guide